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Power Scooter Rentals Zinger

Product Description 

There is nothing like the Zinger Chair!

Mobility devices such as the Zinger Chair are genuinely unique. An electric wheelchair with all the power, versatility, and ease of use of a full-sized wheelchair. It has a unique design to provide the Zinger user with the most freedom possible. It is easy to drive and transport, giving you the freedom to enjoy the fun wherever you go. 

You can fold and unfold your Zinger in seconds using the release cable. Zinger Chairs can be easily folded or extended by pulling the release cable. After folding, the Zinger is equally convenient to transport. Roll it like a suitcase to your vehicle or another storage area. It is not necessary to disassemble or lift the system. Zinger Chairs can fit in almost any trunk or back seat with their compact size. 

Zinger Power Scooter for rent 

Rental rates for power scooters at Sky medical supplies are daily, weekly, and monthly. Renting scooters and power chairs is becoming increasingly popular because they are compact and easy to transport. Power scooter rentals are helpful if you want to walk for long distances but need some mobility assistance. You can travel independently with these mobility scooters. To reserve, call the number listed.

Oxygen concentrator 

Rental Machines

Our portable oxygen rental packages let you have safety and mobility without relying on a third party to deliver oxygen. With our portable oxygen rental packages, you have the freedom and mobility to see what portable oxygen concentrator best suits your needs. Getting around is easy when you travel with Sky Medical Packages.

Our company offers Colorado's first portable oxygen concentrator (POC) rental service. POCs (portable oxygen concentrators) can be charged by a wall outlet at home. Our rental equipment, as well as concentrators, are thoroughly inspected, sanitized, and maintained.

Get Zen OTM Oxygen Concentrator now! make your life accessible to the places you want to visit portable

Patients suffering from respiratory conditions, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), can now take their oxygen therapy outside the home with the Zen-OTM portable oxygen concentrator.

The Zen-OTM portable oxygen concentrators allow patients to enjoy freedom and peace of mind by providing mobile oxygen on demand.

Zen-OTM is just 4.66 kg and delivers oxygen at 2 liters per minute, either pulse-fed or continuous-fed. Zen-O's available accessories are a carry bag and a pull cart, making it more mobile.

Zen-O's practical and robust design benefits home oxygen providers from greater operational efficiency and lower ownership costs.

With Zen-OTM, you can easily replace the sieve bed. Simple tools can replace the sieve bed in the field in less than 5 minutes, saving both time and money.

Patient Lift rental 

Zen-O  Product description 

Lifts were designed to lessen the possibility of caregivers suffering back injuries and ensure patient handling dignity. A high-quality lift is essential for staff and caregivers because it provides comfort, reliability, and safety. 


You can reduce staff injuries with the lift, save money, and reinforce the importance of safety in your facility by using it for patient handling. The lift has 450 pounds, which allows the resident and caregiver to move smoothly during potentially tricky transfers. A high lift range provides easy access to tubs, chairs, commodes, floors, and beds (with clearance under the bed of at least 4.5 inches).

  • Constructed from heavy-gauge steel
  • 450 lbs. or more. The maximum weight is
  • Charges fast and easily
  • A manual emergency lowering device and an anti-entrapment device to prevent boom entanglement in case of resistance while lowering

Get patient lift rental now!

We have the patient lift rental right for you at Sky Medical Supply. Our lift rentals are a great way to transfer patients.

Our Lifts assist patients and caregivers with set-up assistance and low rental rates. Transferring patients using a patient lift from one floor to another is safe and secure. To illustrate, move from a wheelchair to a bed, and from a wheelchair to a bed safely.

At the store, you can purchase transfer slings. Equipment for use is regularly inspected and maintained to ensure cleanliness.

Crutch rental 

Quick-Change Crutches from Sky Medical Supplies feature solid one-piece aluminum frames with push-button height adjustments and contoured handgrips. Invacare Quick-Adjust Crutches, which have an all-in-one handgrip assembly, have no wing nuts, screws, or other parts to require assembly. The crutches are fitted to the proper height for the user through a push-button height adjustment and patient height guide.


  • Handgrips with contours that do not rotate
  • Aluminum anodized for lightweight performance
  • Height adjustment by push-button
  • All-in-one frame for crutches
  • Crutch rentals of the regular kind are not recommended in most cases. This is because a standard pair of crutches is very inexpensive. 

Prices at Sky medical supply vary depending on the type and brand of crutches. If your crutches are no longer needed, you may be able to store them in your home storage area. Or you may be able to dispose of it according to the manufacturer's recommendations. It takes relatively little space to keep crutches after you use them; whether you keep them in your basement or garage, it is handy.

Knee walker rental 

Renting knee walkers from us is similar to renting from healthcare facilities or residential areas. Knee walkers are mobility devices designed to ease patients' movement after foot or ankle surgery. During recovery, people recovering from leg surgeries typically use knee walkers to not put any weight on their injured leg.


Knee walkers have the following features:

  • A knee walker is a scooter similar to a kick scooter (not to be confused with a mobility scooter) with an elevated pad for resting the knee.
  • The patient uses the handlebar to control the direction of the front wheels and their good leg to steer the knee walker.
  • Swivel wheels make wheel movements like a shopping cart on some models.

The knee walker is designed to prevent you from bearing weight on your injured leg while still providing easy mobility. A knee walker can support up to 300 pounds. A knee walker's elevated pad should be adjusted so that a patient's injured leg is adequately funded and their uninjured foot is flat on the ground.

If you are recovering from knee surgery, you will be able to restore your mobility with a knee scooter or a knee cruiser. It shouldn't cost you a fortune to recover from knee surgery. We'll return the scooter to you after you've recovered. The best knee scooter for you depends on the make and model.


The best thing you can do if you plan on buying a recliner chair is to ensure you get superior support and plenty of comfort. At first glance, these medical devices might look like ordinary recliners, but they don't fit into any category. Sky Medical Supplies has the information you need to help you decide if a recliner lift chair is a suitable investment for you if you don't know how it works. For any questions, you have about our lift chairs or if you would like to see our selection, don't hesitate to contact us. Denver, Colorado, is one of our proud serving areas.


The patented Twilight Technology of the company is also noteworthy. With this innovative feature, you get the comfort of a tilting motion that gently cradles your body. At the same time, you achieve various positions, such as extreme Zero Gravity, rejuvenating, and TV-Watching.

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